Issuing Procedure of Transaction Certificates

1. Application for Transaction Certificates

Enter in official website of CHCC (, and download <Transaction Certificate Application of Organic Products>

2. Filling in Application and Preparing for Documents

1) Fill in transaction certificate application, including basic information of applicant, certified product information, basic information purchaser, product information of application.

2) Submit other related documents of application for transaction certificates, including: a)qualification documents of applicant (business license, organization code certificate, organic certificate copies); b)qualification documents of purchaser (business license, organization code certificate); c)purchase contract of both parties; d) Outbound order of applicant, all year sales records, invoices drawn to purchaser or copies of receipts.

3. Verifying Audit

1) After transaction certificate applications are filled in and above documents are with official seal, send these documents to our center.

2) After our center has received these documents, staff of quality control department audit related documents, the auditing contents contain qualification documents, purchase contact of both parties, product shipment, sales records and other information. After auditing contents are correct, the manager of sales certificates fills in < Application Assessment Record for Transaction Certificates>, and keeps records of transaction certificate application information of certified enterprise for this time.

4. Issuing Transaction Certificates

1) Certified enterprises send fees of transaction certificates [each 300 yuan] to central bank account[Opening Bank: Guanganmen branch of the ICBC, Account Name: Beijing Huaxia fertile soil Technology Co., Ltd, Account Number: 020000 1919 20120 1895]. After center has received the fees, the information for sales certificates of certified enterprise is submitted to food and agricultural products sales management system of CNCA. When information is verified correctly, get transaction certificate No. and make transaction certificates.

2) The person of our center enters in issuing information system of transaction certificates, and sends transaction certificates and invoices to applicant.

5. The Usage of Transaction Certificates

1) When certified enterprise sells certified products, the transaction certificate should be delivered to purchaser.

2) Certified enterprise should keep transaction certificate copies for audit of

certification body.

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Download :  Transaction Certificate Application of Organic Products